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Dr. Kerstin Mey is Professor of Contemporary Art and Theory and Dean of Media, Arts and Design at the University of Westminster. As a writer and curator, her research is concerned with the situatedness and models of art practices, their underlying value hierarchies, public pedagogies and the making of knowledge in relation to art research, technological advances, and embodied experience.

After studying for an MA in German Language and Literature and Art, and obtaining a PhD in art theory/aesthetics she held academic positions in universities in Germany and the UK before she joined the University of Westminster in 2013.

Publications include the authored book Art and Obscenity (2007); and edited volumes: with Smite and Smites: Art as Research (2012); with Kroenke and Spielmann: Kulturelle Umbrüche: Identitäten, Räume, Repräsentationen (2007); On-Site/In-Sight, special issue Journal of Visual Art Practice, Vols. 4.1/2 (2005); Art in the Making. Aesthetics Historicity and Practice (2004); with Simon Yuill: Cross-wired: Communication, Interface, Locality, (2004); Sculpsit: Contemporary Artists on Sculpture and Beyond (2001).

As Artistic Director she headed up ISEA 2009: Engaged Creativity in Mobile Environments, the 15th International Symposium on Electronic Art, held on the island of Ireland.

She is a member of the Austrian Science Board; the Peer Review College of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK); the UK HE International Unit’s Community of Practice for European Research and Higher Education (Europe CoP); and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.