Dolores de Alma Blanca



With an innate talent for capturing the essence of iconic cities worldwide, Dolores de Alma Blanca stands as an exceptional poetess and an accomplished professional in event management, marketing, social media, and public relations.

Navigating the luminous landscapes of language, Dolores has crafted verses that transcend time and space, reflecting her deep connection with cities like Rome, London, Paris, Istanbul, and New York. Her poetic prowess is not confined to the realms of literature but extends to the orchestration of unforgettable events and the strategic management of marketing and public relations campaigns.

Despite her agoraphobic tendencies, Dolores has honed her skills in bringing people together, whether through the intricate dance of words or the meticulous planning of events. Her ability to blend the ancient whispers of Rome with the modern beats of New York makes her a unique and sought-after consultant.

As a poetess, event manager, and marketing expert, Dolores invites you to explore the multi-faceted dimensions of her creativity. Her collections are not just poetic expressions but also testimonials to a life lived in the cobblestone alleys of ancient cities and the dynamic streets of modern metropolises.

Embrace the opportunity to work with Dolores de Alma Blanca, an elusive specter of poetic beauty, and an expert consultant who can infuse your projects with a touch of literary magic and strategic brilliance.




Lanfranco Aceti, a distinguished artist, curator, and academic, is renowned for his innovative installations, public space projects, performances, and exhibitions exploring critical themes like social justice, migration, and the climate crisis. As the founder of The Studium, Director of OCR, and head of the Museum of Contemporary Cuts, Aceti is a leading figure in the contemporary art scene.

His international project, Preferring Sinking to Surrender, showcased at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021, includes performances in major global cities. As an artist, Aceti’s impactful works, such as Car Park and Who The People?, acquired by Chetham’s Library and Museum, reflect his commitment to impactful storytelling through art.

In addition to his role as the director of Kasa Gallery, where he curated groundbreaking exhibitions, Aceti is an accomplished academic, who published for MIT Press, Sage, Bloomsbury, Routledge, and Springer. He also serves as the Editor in Chief of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac. He has lectured at prestigious institutions globally and actively contributes to several publishing projects, addressing topics from Prostitutional Aesthetics to Ten Reasons Why Not to Pay for a College Degree.

Collaborating with Dolores de Alma Blanca, Aceti is also engaged in editing and translating her collections of poems and novels.


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