CONDESCENDENCE shall be my word

And my new world the ideal perfection

Of total devotion.

Here I am, naked with my sins,

Too much I loved

The human animals, the bloody commoners, 

Whose songs I sang in my poems.

And I was too concerned

With their lives,

Scratching at the edge of a miserable existence:

Two pounds fifty an hour

Is the price of a devoted English slave,

Less than a cheap cup of tea,

Sipped at the Plaza, when the rain falls.

And I sang of them, lying in the streets,

Their exploited sorrows dressed with shame, 

And I didn’t sing the rotten feelings,

Encrusted with diamonds and rubies

Of governmental whores.

But now, here I am, bending my head,

My velvety tongue is ready

To serve the miraculous forum,

The concoction of perfection named democracy.

My tongue is now properly shaved, 

To serve, with a better service 

Than this toilet paper.

Yes!, I scream.

I am all consumed by the hemorrhoids

Of Her Majesty’s dogs.

Please I won’t rhyme the name of Blair

With despair, surging from the ashes

Of a new socialist fascism.

I will be there, writing my hymns,

Vomiting honey

To hide the rotten body of this unsung Empire.

And if I did wrong,

If I had been naughty with my verses,

That was my infamous past.

Your wondrous future I want to sing.



written by

Dolores de Alma Blanca

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Dolores de Alma Blanca, The Poems of the Poet Laureate, trans. Lanfranco Aceti (London, New York, and Rome: OCR/Passero Productions, 2024).


With Gratitude

I extend my gratitude to Professor Lanfranco Aceti for the inordinate amount of effort he put in the editing of this book.


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