Project Description

Contemporary Arts and Culture (CAC) is a new publication founded and directed by Lanfranco Aceti. CAC also represents a practice based research study and reflection on contemporary publishing practices and methodologies that challenge traditional frameworks for academic and fine art publishing. The contemporary and multiple demands on artists, academics, critics and curators require a rethinking of publishing methodologies that are not necessarily aligned with exploitative and abusive publishing frameworks. At the same time there is a necessity to provide a refereed and peer-reviewed highly respected environment that can respond to the challenges that contemporary arts and culture are facing.

Contemporary Arts and Culture (CAC) as a research project and as a publication wishes to develop new technological frameworks as well as publishing processes that, while responding to international criteria of assessment by national research bodies, can provide an understanding of the current shifts in publishing as well as offer a space for fundamental research in the fine arts and contemporary culture freeing publishing from restrictions and forms of assessment that unnecessarily saddle and suffocate more experimental approaches.

In this context Contemporary Arts and Culture (CAC) as a research project and as a publication is promoting and supporting projects that are experimental, exploratory and open-ended.

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