Project Description

The Media Exhibition Platform (MEP), founded and directed by Lanfranco Aceti, is an internationally curated and refereed exhibition space. MEP is a curatorial platform for research and analyses in contemporary art and culture that focus on the experimental and the researched. What does it mean to curate and create artworks in a social media context of dispersed imageries and discursive feedback? What is the limit of interaction and engagement between author and audience? Is the curator’s filter still necessary or superseded by a ‘collective curatorial’ and archival existence?

MEP operational approach is embedded into international curatorial and artistic cultural practices with a range of exhibitions that happen through both online and physical spaces. The approach developed is that of constant engagement with biennials, galleries, festival and art fairs, creating a feedback loop between online curatorial experiences and physical events, overcoming the division of the exhibitions’ spaces as an either / or approach that is based on the stance of physical versus virtual.

The exhibition realized through the Media Exhibition Platform provide a moment of reflection on the aesthetic and cultural developments as well as on the curatorial processes and the distributed presence of imageries in the contemporary globalized art world.

MEP Founder and Director: Lanfranco Aceti
Co-Director: Vince Dziekan
Co-Director: Christiane Paul

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