Electrified Data is a concert and performance event at the Loewe Theatre at New York University, 35 West and 4th Street at 20:00 on 23 July, 2015. This event will see the participation of Thomas Beverly, Michaela Davies, Fernando Egido, Brad Garton, Florian Grond, Brent Lee, Joao Pedro Oliveira, Mary Sherman, Juan Carlos Vasquez. Sounds, images and data mix in the aesthetic practices of these artists, creating a series of unusual and electrifying experiences.

Each artist explores linkages, formulas and conflicts between the elements of sounds, images and data offering other possible interpretations of ‘reality.’ The artworks shift between big data and complex constructions of over layered images, from performative subtle interpretations of sounds to data based music ensembles.

The artworks provide an insight into contemporary experimentations and alternative practices which despite the complexity of current economic and socio-political environments, continue to construct interpretations and experiences of contemporary times.

Thomas Beverly, Telepresent Storm: Rita
Michaela Davies, A New Musical Masochism
Fernando Egido, Three Chants for Computer
Brad Garton, Book Readings
Florian Grond, Safety Certificate
Brent Lee, This is an important message for Julie Wade
Joao Pedro Oliveira, Hydatos
Mary Sherman, Eri, After Dark
Juan Carlos Vasquez, Collage 3 (After E. Ysaye)

Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Tae Hong Park.

For more information: https://ocradst.wpengine.com/sid2015/concerts-and-installations/