We’re back in action! The journey to redefine OCR’s next stage of development has been thoughtful and deliberate. Our goal was to ensure that OCR initiatives seamlessly complement the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) while retaining the unique essence that has characterized our first 15 years—from London to Istanbul, Rome to New York.

We are committed to preserving our expertise in contemporary digital cultures, cultivated both nationally and internationally. The new platform serves as a showcase for research and initiatives developed right here in Italy. These take the form of publications, serving a dual purpose: a) exhibiting the breadth of our work, and b) making our achievements accessible to the wider community.

OCR has undergone a transformation into a professional digital communication and production house. Our focus is on presenting events, exhibition productions, and publications stemming from projects dedicated to regenerating communities in crisis within our rapidly changing world.

As a digital communication and production house, OCR seamlessly complements the Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC), playing a pivotal role in generating regeneration projects. Our emphasis is on establishing not just one-off events but long-term, sustainable structures.

OCR extends its services to offer digital cultural management to both international entities looking to initiate projects in Italy and Italians both at home and abroad.

In this transformative phase, our website, in conjunction with MoCC and The Studium, serves as our collective business card—a testament to our commitment to regeneration, community revival, and creating tourism attractions in locations across Italy grappling with depopulation or low visibility.