OCR and the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions at New York University, Steinhardt, present a series of digital art interventions and experimentations by the MediaLab @ Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art). These are works and experimentations that challenge traditional curatorial and aesthetic boundaries testing new grounds for engagements that go beyond interpassivity masked with the notion of interactivity. The team lead by Don Undeen is composed of Stephanie Burgess, Marco Antonio Castro Cosio, John Choi, Matt Felsen, Rui Hu, Keith Kirkland, Emily Mcallister, Blake Miller, Isabel Paez, Maria Paula Saba, Kevin Yoo and Jared Weinstein. A range of video artworks and virtual realities environments art projects will be shown in a variety of settings formal and less formal, creating an itinerary of media and mediated spaces.

Author: Keith Kirkland,
Title: Life Becomes Her
Medium: Digital Video, CLO3D fashion virtualization software.
Length: 5:29
Description: Life Becomes Her is a project to show physicality of garments in the MET by simulating them on animated digital models.
Author: Regina Flores Mir
Title: The Hip Hop Project
Medium: Digital video, web site
Length: 1:40
Description: The Hip Hop Project uses words from rap lyrics as key-word searches into the Met’s digital archive to create a curated tour of the Met.
Authors: Matt Felsen, Erin Peters, Maria Paola Saba
Title: Color the Temple
Medium: Digital Video, software, video projector, egyptian temple
Length: 2:36
Description: Color the Temple was a project to re-create the original colors on the Met’s Temple of Dendur, through projection mapping.
Author: Ellen Pearlman
Title: Khmer Nocturnes
Medium: Digital video, RGBD 3-dimensional video processed in software.
Length: 4:58
Description: RGBD new-media artwork featuring the Met’s Asian Art Collection.
Author: Rui Hu
Title: Metropolitan Triangle Garden 
Medium: Digital video, Houdini 3D animation software
Length: 3:53
Description: 3D Animated film featuring the MediaLab’s 3D scans and architectural models.


Collect Me, Curate Me, Study Me
Authors: Stephanie Burgess, Laura Chen, John Choi, Marco Castro Cosio, Keith Kirkland, R. Blake Miller, Isabel Paez, Betty Quinn, Don Undeen, Kevin Yoo, and Ellen Spindler.
Medium: Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset, 3D Virtual environment, 3d printed models, wooden pedestals, paper scripts, 5 participants, 3 facilitators. Dimensions: 12’x15’x8′.Length: 10 minutes per game round.
Description: Collect Me, Curate Me, Study Me is a role-playing game modeled on popular dating gameshows. Contestants play the role of one of four sculptures, and try to convince the player wearing the Virtual Reality headset that they are the ‘best’ sculpture, and most worthy of collection. The player in the VR headset sees life-size digital models of the sculptures, positioned so that the voices of the contestants sound as if they are emanating from the virtual objects.