Artists: John Drever, Jane Grant, Nigel Helyer, John Matthias and Music for Installations (MFI). Senior Curator: Lanfranco Aceti. The new exhibition by Kasa GalleryIt Sounds Like Art, is a collection of sound artworks that explore a variety of environmental, social, aesthetic and conceptual approaches to art.The artworks by John Drever, the duo Jane Grant and John Matthias, Music for Installations (MFI) and Nigel Helyer will provide an insight into sound art practices.

The exhibition at Kasa Gallery in Istanbul precedes the Sound Art Curating conference in London organized by Kasa Gallery in collaboration with OCR, the Courtauld Institute of Art, Goldsmiths, New York University, the LARM Archive and Aalborg University. The call for papers for the Sound Art Curating conference will close on March 31.

“The content (Inhalt) of a picture is not simply what it portrays but rather all the elements of color, structures, and relations it contains; the content of music is, for instance, as Schoenberg put it, the history of a theme.”
– Adorno, Aesthetic Theory, 1999: 356.

Sound artists have developed new ways to express thematic content through original aesthetic canons and modalities of interaction that are increasingly diverging from traditional interpretations and are adopting strategies of representation and engagement that continue to redefine the role of sound as an art medium.

It is the content, as “history of a theme,” that is offering the opportunity to sound artists to design and establish sound specific aesthetic practices able to provide experiences, recollections and perceptions of emotions, memories and visions.

No longer encapsulated in strict traditional canons and definitions of materiality vs. immateriality, or sound vs. image, contemporary sound artworks exist according to their own material/immaterial cognitive experiences, thematic contexts and aesthetic structures.

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